Lambertson Truex History

Before Lambertson Truex joined Tiffany, they founded their own company in 1998 where they had the roles of being co-chief executive officers and creative directors. Their designs and bags aimed to showcase craftsmanship, exclusivity, and unique American styles. In 2000, they were both awarded the CFDA Accessories Design of the Year and the ACE Award for Design Excellence.

According to the designers, their target customers for their handbags are independent women who are not afraid to show their own style. They have envisioned women who are trendsetters, secure and confident about wearing their fashionable leather bags.

However, the financial crisis affected the company deeply so they had to declare bankruptcy. Tiffany bought them out in 2009 which proved to be a rather a strategic and beneficial decision for both companies. After getting the luxury bag company’s expert designers, the jeweler already added a line of designer discount luxury bags with classic designs - Now in online outlet sale.
Working Alongside Tiffany

Tiffany & Co Leather Collection

Since the buy-out, twelve of the biggest Tiffany stores in the United States are selling leather bags with the Lambertson Truex label. These bags are made of snakeskin, suede and natural-grain calf. This is the first leather handbag collection for the New York-based jeweler in twenty year. Tiffany bought the luxury bag label to extend their reach beyond jewelry.

This new collection of leather handbags is deemed as highly profitable by Tiffany. The wallets and other leather accessories are added to make a Tiffany blue box a credible gift for the customers. Moreover, each bag is designed to have a Tiffany robin egg blue color as additional detail. This small detail can be in the bag’s interior or on the clasp. There are also bags which are available in full Tiffany blue color.

Tiffany & Co. have observed that women are becoming more into luxury handbags than jewelry. These bags are also easier to market these days. When women feel like being extravagant in rewarding themselves, they tend to spend more on handbags. Lambertson and Truex, along with Tiffany, just made sure that people would still notice a Tiffany bag when they see one hence the eye-catching robin egg blue color, a Tiffany trademark.

Lambertson Truex Logo

Most of the handbags are priced at around $1,000 to $2,000 as seen on the Tiffany website. But if you want to buy your own bag without this price tag, there are also knock-offs at cheaper prices. You can tote around your own bag with the same Tiffany blue as you go to work or to a party.

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