Lambertson Truex Handbags

Bags Worth Buying

There are several designs worth buying at Tiffany as designed by Lambertson Truex. Holly clutches are designed wit the same size as table napkins so they can be placed on the table while you continue dining. They have a price tag of around $600, but a replica can cost less. The Tiffany bracelet bag, priced around $800, is made of satin with more than twenty colors to match your gown. The Tiffany Reversible Tote is available at around $400 with the larger version at around $600. This is made of suede and has a variety of colors to choose from. Its matching pouch can be used as clutch or makeup case. If you want a crocodile Tiffany bag, you may think of buying the Manhattan satchel made of purple glazed crocodile. It is priced at $12,500 but a replica can is also available. Aside from women’s bags, there are also men’s wallets made of crocodile material which are available at $95. A crocodile leather organizer for men costs $1,295. You can shop for your husband at Tiffany too.

Lambertson Truex Leather Bags

If you don’t have the money to spend for these beautiful Tiffany bags, you can content yourself with their knockoff Lambertson and Truex handbags. You can still get the same look and functionality though not the same expensive materials. But the point is that you will still be toting around a bag that resembles an expensive bag with Lambertson and Truex IT Bag replicas.

Summary: Tiffany & Co., a famed jeweler, is now working with Lambertson Truex for their first line of Tiffany handbags. The company rescued the ten-year old luxury bag business of the latter and employed their designers, Richard Lambertson and John Truex.